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Illinois Elementary School Association and Illinois High School Association links for parental reference regarding sports requirements for student athletes

Illinois Department of Public Health links for parental reference regarding their childs physical and mental health



Sports Pre-Participation Examination

Use for all sports physicals

Child Health Examination

Students entering K, 6, 9 and non-sports physicals

Proof of School Dental Examination Form

These dental exams are for K, 2, 6 with a May 15 deadline

Eye Exam Report

All kindergarten and students new to Illinois schools per state law

Head Injury Page 1

Head Injury Page 2

Medication Authorization

Food and Misc Allergy Page 1

Food and Misc Allergy Page 2

Asthma Action Plans Page 1

Asthma Action Plans Page 2

Immunization Requirements

Emergency Management Plan Page 1

Emergency Management Plan Page 2


Mrs. Lisa Dolan

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