guidance counselor

Mrs. Jahnee Hillen


College Visits

Information on scholarships here

Local Sheriff's Scholarship applications are availiable in Mrs. Hillen's office. Applications are due March 2017.

Lewis and Clark Community College will be hosting a day for seniors to sign up for classes for the Fall 2017. The date is March 3. Please see Mrs. Hillen to set a date and time if you know you will be attending LCCC.




Job Shadowing Opportunities

Field Trips w/ Mrs. Hillen

Physical Therapy
Radiology Technology
Aviation Maintenance

See Mrs. Hillen if interested

Thursday, March 23
Career Fair for Juniors and Seniors at Jersey Community High School. Bring money for lunch at McDonalds.


CHS Talent Search

Welcome new Talent Search representative: Allison Walters