Policy Section 2 Board of Education
Secton 4:10
Fiscal and Business Management
Section 4:15
Identity Protection
Section 4:20
Fund Balances

Section 4:30
Revenue and Investments

Section 4:40
Incurring Debt l
Section 4:45
Insufficient Fund Checks
Section 4:50
Payment Procedures
Section 4:55
Use of Credit and Procurement Cards
Section 4:60
Purchases and Contracts
Section 4:70
Resource Conservation
Section 4:80
Accounting and Audits

Section 4:60-AP

Procurement Procedures

Section 4:100
Insurance Management
Section 4:110
Section 4:90
Activity Funds
Section 4:130
Free and Reduced-Price Food Services
Section 4:140
Waiver of Student Fees
Section 4:120
Food Services
Section 4:150
Facility Management and Building Programs
Section 4:160
Environmental Quality of Buildings and Grounds

Section 4:140e1
Exhibit-Application for Fee Waiver

Section 4:175
Operational Services
Section 4:180
Pandemic Preparedness

Section 4:170